Arranging a Funeral

There are many decisions to be made in arranging a funeral, and every funeral is unique to the family's wishes. It is our duty and earnest desire to assist you in the planning of the funeral for your loved one to ease your worries as much as we are able to through this difficult time.

Visiting our Chapel of Rest

The chapel within our funeral home is available for you to visit during our working hours by making an appointment with us.


Religious or Non-Religious

We are able to invite ministers of any religion to conduct the funeral or to perform their respective religious rituals upon the family's request. If a Humanist funeral is chosen, we have a Funeral Director, who can conduct a non-religious service should this be your choice.



Floral Tributes

We are proud to say that we cooperate with Interflora, the world's largest and most experienced floral delivery network. Their expert florists handcraft the flower arrangements with care, creativity and attention to detail. Our local Interflora branch has the finesse and experience to create traditional Chinese style flower arrangements with the accompanying personal messages.


Coffins and Caskets

We supply a wide scope of coffins and caskets, ranging from simple designs to the most luxurious. Additionally, we offer pre-paid funeral plans by Perfect Choice, a company run by the National Association of Funeral Directors (N.A.F.D). By having a pre-paid funeral plan, it guarentees you can secure the costs of the funeral at today's prices so you can put your mind at ease of the financial and emotional worries. If you would like to view the selection of coffins and caskets, you can make an appointment to meet a member a staff. We understand that sensitivity is required first and foremost, and we are available to answer any question and queries that you may have.



A hearse is the vehicle used to convey the coffin or casket to the funeral service. The hearse is usually followed by limousines, which carry the closest family and friends. We can arrange chauffeured limousines to give you the relief of worrying about parking, driving, and arriving at the service on time. We will always try to accommodate the requests of alternative hearses.


Monumental Masons

We provide a comprehensive selection of Western style and traditional Chinese style headstone designs. For a traditional Chinese style, our stonemasons have the expertise and knowledge to gild Chinese inscription to an excellent standard.


Returning a loved one back to their home country requires adherence to many legislative conditions. We have the knowledge and experience to take care of all the arrangements, both to and from the United Kingdom.






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